‏Gathering around a fire pit in the evening with friends and family is a cozy way to spend time outdoors. While the fire creates a wonderful atmosphere, using a fire pit requires taking precautions to make sure everyone is safe.‏ Let’s look at some important tips for fire pit safety. ‏

Check the Weather

‏It’s important that you know what to expect of the weather when you’re building a fire outdoors. Don’t use your fire pit during windy weather, as the wind can carry the flames and cause damage to nearby areas. ‏

‏Even on days without strong winds, note which way the breeze is blowing. Clear flammable materials from the area and keep seats around the fire pit at a safe distance.

Placement of the Fire Pit‏ for Safety

When choosing a spot for your fire pit, the ground should be level and even. Keep the flames away from trees and shrubs and at least 20 feet from buildings. Don’t install the fire pit under low-hanging branches or beneath an awning or roof. It should have plenty of space on all sides to prevent the fire from spreading out of the pit.

Place seating to keep guests a safe distance away from the fire. Make sure there is enough room for people to move around freely.

Safe Surfaces

‏Use non-flammable materials like brick, stone, or sand to protect the ground around the fire pit. This will help to stop flames from spreading and provide safety for your guests.

Equipment‏ for Fire Pit Safety

‏Keep safety equipment nearby when enjoying a fire. If something accidentally catches fire, use a fire blanket to put out the flames. Purchase the proper fire extinguisher for the type of fuel you are using. Typically you’ll be able to use a multipurpose dry chemical fire extinguisher.‏

‏If the flames get out of control when using a gas fire pit, make sure that the gas source is turned off before attempting to put out the fire.‏

For a wood-burning fire, keep a bucket of sand nearby as well as a garden hose to deal with flare-ups. ‏

Extinguishing the Fire

‏At the end of the evening, before going to bed, check to make sure the fire is completely out. If not extinguished, burning embers can travel and start a fire elsewhere.‏

If you purchased a fire pit, it will come with an instruction manual that explains the proper way to put out the flames. Using water can cause damage to some fire pits so read up on the best way to extinguish your specific model.

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