Your family’s health is affected by the house you live in. Keep your home healthy and safe by following these 4 tips.

Filter Your Water to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

You might assume that all residential tap water is safe and healthy to drink, but this is rarely the case. Whether your water comes from a public water utility or a well, it likely has contaminants of some kind.

The first step to making your drinking water healthy is to have your tap water tested. A water testing professional will sample the water and send it to a lab. Once you have the results, you can choose an appropriate water filtration system that targets and removes the specific contaminants in your water.

Your family members drink tap water every day, so support their health by improving the quality of their drinking water. You may also learn things about your water hardness that can affect your plumbing pipes. The test will give you the opportunity to make adjustments to keep your plumbing system in better shape.

Prevent and Eliminate Mold

A moldy home is unhealthy for everyone living there. Your home simply can’t be healthy and safe when there is mold growth. Mold causes allergies, respiratory problems, and even chronic neurological issues. Mold also contributes to mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Make sure mold doesn’t grow in your home by keeping your house dry and humidity levels low. Use ventilation fans and dehumidifiers to eliminate damp air. Wipe down spills right away. If you notice mold growing or a musty smell, identify the source and remove the mold.

Make Your Older Home Healthy and Safe

An older home may have safety concerns that you won’t find in a new home. Lead paint and asbestos are two health hazards that are often present in homes that were built prior to the 1980s. These materials aren’t an immediate hazard if left disturbed. However, if the material is deteriorating or you are remodeling and it requires demolition, both pose a serious health risk. Hire a professional to test for lead paint and asbestos before remodeling an older home.

Clean Often to Keep Your Home Healthy and Safe

Dirty homes simply aren’t healthy. Establish a regular cleaning schedule to prevent the spread of germs and dust buildup. Dust causes allergies and respiratory problems, so regularly change any filters in the HVAC system and air purifiers.

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