Warmer weather has arrived, and it’s time to get your garden beds ready for the new season. To keep your plants healthy and attractive, here are a few tips to prepare your garden for spring. Taking time to prep the garden now will save time and effort later.

Clear Debris to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Begin by clearing debris that has accumulated over the winter. Remove fallen leaves, pine needles, and branches, and pull weeds. Cleaning the garden gives you a fresh start for the new growing season.

Check Your Perennial Plants

Look at your plants to see how they fared through the winter months. Prune dead or damaged branches and add them to the compost pile. Pruning keeps the garden looking neat and allows more energy to be directed toward healthier growth.

Aerate & Fertilize to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

If your soil is compacted, aerate it before planting. Aeration loosens the ground and gives roots space to spread and absorb nutrients. Apply fertilizer or compost to give your plants an extra boost for optimal growth. Well-aged compost is gentle on your plants, so it’s safer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely when using conventional fertilizers.

Start Seedlings Indoors

If you plan on growing vegetables or flowers from seed, start them indoors in the early spring. The plants will have a head start for the growing season. Start new plants in a seedling tray and set them near a bright sunny window. Check the light and water needs of your plants and move them outdoors after the last frost of the year.

Prepare Your Garden for Spring: Weed Control

Keeping weeds under control is an important part of garden maintenance. To discourage weed growth, add a layer of mulch or landscape fabric. These barriers help the soil retain moisture and keep weeds out. Pull persistent weeds by hand as soon as they pop up throughout the growing season.

Watering Tips

Keep your garden well-watered throughout spring and summer. Water plants regularly so they don’t become stressed from lack of moisture. Be mindful of weather patterns as well; if it’s been particularly dry or hot, you may need to water more frequently. Invest in a drip irrigation system to conserve water and ensure your garden is getting enough.

With these tips, you can have a tidy garden that’s ready for spring. Taking the time to prepare now will save you effort later in the year.

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