Trees are an important part of any landscape. They provide shade and beauty and are a natural privacy barrier for your property. However, there may come a time when you need to remove a tree. Whether it’s because the tree is dead or dying, has structural issues, or poses a risk to your home or family’s safety, there are certain situations where removal is necessary.

Remove a Tree that is Dead or Diseased

Dead or dying trees can be weakened by decay and have hollow trunks that make them more susceptible to falling in high winds and storms. If your tree is dead or infected with a disease, it is at risk of falling and causing property damage or injury. It’s best to get it taken down before this happens.

If there are multiple dead branches on a tree, this could indicate that the tree isn’t healthy. Remove diseased trees before they affect nearby trees.


If you have multiple trees close together and one is beginning to overshadow the others, it may need to be removed for the other trees to thrive. Depending on the plan for your landscaping, you might remove the larger tree or take out a few smaller ones. Talk to an arborist if unsure what is best for your property.

Remove a Tree Before Construction

Construction too near a tree may damage its roots and affect its stability. If you are building an addition or paving part of your yard, you may want to remove trees that the renovations will damage.

Structural Issues

Remove trees with structural issues such as weak limbs, root rot, fungus growth, split trunks, and leaning trunks. However, in some cases, a professional arborist might remedy these problems with pruning techniques. Talking to a professional about options to preserve the tree’s health is best. But, in some situations, it is better to remove the tree for safety reasons.

Poses a Risk to Property

If you notice that a tree poses a risk to your property due to its location near power lines or proximity to your house, it should be removed immediately. Safety should always come first when dealing with trees on your property.

Large trees can cause costly damage by blocking sewers and drains, so removing the tree will ensure tree roots don’t cause further damage if you suspect this could be an issue.

Removing a tree can be dangerous and requires special equipment and skills that a professional arborist will have. Before attempting tree maintenance, consult an experienced arborist who can evaluate the situation and advise on the appropriate steps.

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