When it comes to home maintenance, the right tools and supplies are essential. Be prepared for repairs and upkeep around the house. From replacing lightbulbs to unclogging toilets, having a few basics will save time and money. Here are five supplies for home maintenance that everyone should have.

Supplies for Home Maintenance: Sturdy Ladder

A ladder is essential for a variety of tasks. It’s useful for painting walls and ceilings, cleaning gutters, changing light bulbs, and climbing up to the attic. When purchasing a ladder, make sure it’s sturdy enough to support your weight and tall enough to reach whatever you need. Before climbing a ladder, familiarize yourself with proper ladder safety to prevent accidents and injuries.

Basic Hand Tools

A basic set of hand tools is essential for any home maintenance job. Your tool kit should include a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and a utility knife. These tools will come in handy for minor repairs around the house. Ensure your tools are in good condition and replace any damaged ones.

Caulk and Sealant

Caulk and sealant fill gaps around windows, doors, pipes, and bathroom fixtures. These sealants block airflow around windows and prevent moisture from seeping behind fixtures, which can lead to mold growth or water damage. When selecting caulk or sealant, verify the product is appropriate for your specific task. Read the instructions beforehand and apply the caulk evenly for a good seal.

Essential Supplies for Home Maintenance: Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is an essential tool for home maintenance. It’s useful for measuring furniture, walls, windows, and flooring. When selecting a measuring tape, look for one with standard and metric measurements. This will make it easier to get an accurate reading no matter what materials you’re working with.


Having a good flashlight on hand is essential for any home. Flashlights are especially helpful during power outages or when searching for something in a dark area of the house, such as crawl spaces and attics. Keep fresh batteries on hand, or shop for a rechargeable flashlight so it always works when needed.

These are just a few essential tools and supplies you’ll need for home maintenance. Having these items on hand will make DIY jobs easier and safer. When selecting materials, purchase quality supplies, and use them properly for the best results.

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