If you have time and energy to work around the house during weekends, make sure your efforts pay off. You might knock out a list of chores and still feel like you could do more. A good weekend home improvement project is perfect for when you are in a productive mood.

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

This project is ideal if you’re looking for weekend home improvements that can be added to with time. Gather ideas for your outdoor living space online. While you can get started over a weekend, you can continuously return to it and do more.

Start with adding potted plants and hanging baskets, and add some outdoor entertainment. There’s a wide variety of TVs and audio systems that would be perfect for your outdoor space. If your area isn’t fully enclosed, buy covers for your electronics to protect them from the elements.

For a simple weekend home improvement for your entryway, give your front door a fresh coat of paint. Choose a vibrant color that goes well with your house for a brand new look that will welcome your guests when they arrive. 

Weekend Home Improvements for Your Garden

A potting bench will make you more efficient while working on your garden. It helps keep all your tools in the right place, and you can keep dirt and spare pots and planters on the shelf below. You’ll now have an organized space to repot your plants and an additional surface to temporarily store new ones until you can get around to them.

A simple shed for garden tools and supplies is another worthwhile addition to your garden and outdoor space. This structure can be built within a weekend or even a day, depending on whether you get a kit or decide to design it yourself. This added storage will help protect your tools from rust and weathering.

Adding a raised garden bed to your outdoors is a great way to start a garden without having to worry about the quality of soil already in your yard. Look for a simple raised-bed garden kit and add some high-quality dirt and fertilizer to get started. Building a raised bed can often be completed in a day.

Building a Pergola

This structure not only provides you with shade, but it also provides vines, ivies, and climbing flowers with support. Over time, these plants will grow and weave up along the side and into the beams above to add shade to the area below. You can build one within a couple of days, making it a great candidate if you are looking for a weekend home improvement project.

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