Regular yearly roof maintenance will help your roof last longer. Roof maintenance includes routine inspections for any signs of damage. While you might be able to do this yourself, it is always better to use a professional. One mistake or oversight can have serious financial consequences.

Yearly Roof Maintenance Starts Indoors

The inside of your home can tell you a surprising amount about your roof’s condition. If there are stains on the ceiling, the cause is most likely water seeping through the roof. The same is true of moisture on the walls. In certain instances, a leaking roof will also cause mold issues on the ceiling. In any of these scenarios, call a professional immediately.

Yearly Roof Inspection

If you have decided to do the inspection yourself, use a ladder to get on the roof and inspect it thoroughly. While you are there, remove any twigs, tree limbs, and other debris.

Also, look for damaged or broken shingles and replace them immediately to prevent leaks from developing. Some of the shingles might be cracked, and things will only get worse if they are not replaced. The same applies to curling shingles: if they are not replaced, they will soon deteriorate further.

Your Checklist Should Include Looking For Rust and Rot

If you have a metal roof, one of your most crucial yearly maintenance tasks should be to check for signs that it has started rusting. Small spots of rust can often be fixed relatively easily, but the whole roof might have to be replaced if there is widespread rust. If your shingle roof has metal flashing, check it for rust.

If your home has a wooden roof, checking for wood rot should be high on your yearly roof maintenance checklist. If rot is found, replace the rotting section as soon as possible. If caught quickly, you may be able to remove the damaged part without having to replace the whole roof.

Gutters Should Be High On Your Yearly Roof Maintenance Checklist

A gutter’s job is to direct water toward the ground and away from your home, where it can do significant damage. Gutters overflowing with twigs, leaves, or other debris can cause water damage to the roof itself and allow water to damage your home’s walls and foundation. Gutters must be checked and cleaned at least once a year, preferably before the rainy season.

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